Leontievksy Mys

130524 Classic Bedroom 130524 Culture Bedroom 130524 Exterior towards exclusive tower 130524 Gatehouse Lobby 1 2 130524 Gatehouse Lobby 2 2 130524 Minimal Living B 130524 Nature Living 130524 Residential Lobby

St Petersburg, Russia

  • Asking PriceFrom £300 000 / RUB 20m
  • Specification

Leontievsky Mys is a luxury residential development located at the very tip of Petrogradsky Island, one of the islands making up the city of St. Petersburg. Located in the centre of the city, surrounded on three sides by rivers and overlooking the Gulf of Finland, Leontievsky Mys is the kind of one in a million development that city-dwellers dream of. The astonishing interiors, conceived under the creative directorship of Philippe Starck for the 'YOO Inspired by Starck' brand, deliver the kind of living that offers a sense of safety, calm and quiet amongst the cosmopolitan metropolis of St. Petersburg. The connection with nature and outdoors living is strong with beautifully designed outdoor spaces and a visual connection with the water. 400 units are available, in the four YOO Inspired by Starck styles; Culture, Nature, Classic and Minimal. 

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